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Whether it’s starting the day, winding it down, easing a sore throat, or just because you wanted it, tea is special in its ability to give us moments that are ours alone. You should have those moments with high-quality brews.

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Teas come in a wide variety of flavors, even when the only ingredient is tea leaves. It can be overwhelming to choose where to start. Try a sampler of multiple teas so you can start learning or expanding your tea preferences

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Artistry & Science in Blending Tea

You may have heard tea described as a type of art. A good artist knows the science behind their creations.

Tea and herbalism have long histories in the Western world, and the way trained herbalists combine ingredients isn't random. Through centuries of trial and error, herbalists found medicinal and flavorful combinations of their ingredients and made note of them.

Today, we can show the scientific reason different teas and herbs produce the results they do. Our founder, who is a certified master herbalist, uses science as a foundational framework to develop tea blends, though he occasionally incorporates proven folk methods.

Flavor profiles are only one part of creating a delicious new tea. The knowledge of how herbs interact with our bodies and each other is equally important. In the case of medicinal teas, it may be even more important in order to avoid unintended side effects.

Anyone can learn the art of custom blending tea if they understand the ingredients they're using and take caution for how some herbs can negatively interact with medication and health conditions.

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