The Philosophy of Broken Leaf Tea & Apothecary

There is a tea for all occasions, whether you’re hanging out late with friends, cooling down after a day hiking in the woods, or preparing for a good night’s sleep. Broken Leaf sells tea for any adventure.

Why Drink Broken Leaf Teas

  • 5 Years Experience Blending Tea

    Broken Leaf has been selling hand crafted tea blends since 2017. The business has expanded over time, starting small then growing little by little over the years. Many devoted Broken Leaf tea drinkers first discovered their favorite teas in Renaissance Faires or local trade shows, where Broken Leaf’s medieval apothecary style booths transported visitors to another world.

  • Teas Blends Created By Our Master Herbalist

    A good cup of tea is delicious - but teas can also nourish the body and mind. Austin, our certified master herbalist, prepares blends which carefully combine ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties. From helping induce a state of relaxation, soothing sore throats, or encouraging a good night’s sleep, the benefits of tea are myriad.

  • Teas Blended By Hand

    Every one of our blends is meticulously crafted by hand. Ingredients are carefully selected, weighed, and mixed to ensure that every batch tastes amazing. By working in small batches the beautiful, large leaves of our teas and whole flowers are better preserved, making for a tastier and more beautiful drinking experience.

  • Only Top Quality Ingredients

    Size matters, when it comes to tea leaves that is. Big leaves like Orange Pekoe, make good tea, while fannings (the dust-like tea found in most tea bags) make bitter, muddy tasting brews. Smaller pieces of broken tea leaves sit somewhere in the middle - not quite as bitter as fannings, but not nearly as clean a flavor as Pekoe.