A Herbal History

A Herbal History

What is an apothecary?

For centuries herbs were used to treat ailments and illnesses of all forms. The word “Apothecary” Is derived from the word Apotheca meaning “a place where wine, spices, and herbs are kept.” In simple terms an apothecary is a herbal pharmacy. Instead of a pharmacist an apothecary is over seen by a herbalist.

Its important to understand that herbalism isn’t voodoo, witchcraft, or hearsay. Herbalism is rooted in science and centuries of trial and error. Herbs are composed of complex chemicals that give them their medicinal properties. Most if not all modern medicine is derived from herbs.

Herbal remedies aren’t just for those who are concerned about natural products. Herbal treatments tend to be cheaper and easier to obtain than most medication. The study of herbs is especially important when a medication becomes scarce or simply too expensive to obtain.

Many ailments are brought on by stress and anxiety. Prescription medications for this issue can be costly, unhealthy, or unobtainable. Tea has been used as a stress relief alongside herbs for centuries. For us tea and herbs go hand in hand.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy.


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