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Broken Leaf Tea

Demeter's Elixir

Demeter's Elixir

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Demeter's Elixir


The rich brown and yellow leaves of this brew make one think of the autumn as they fill their infuser. The oolong brings toasted notes to the beverage, and the elements of peach help tie together the sense that you’ve finished harvesting this year’s crops. This elixir was specially crafted for the Olympians by Demeter herself, and we could only dream of sharing the story of how we managed to acquire it.

Dose: 1 pouch (makes 1 quart/0.95 liters)

Brew time: 4 to 5 minutes

  • Allow the brew to cool before adding ice. Or, steep the pouch overnight in cold water.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, peach flavor, apple pieces, calendula, peach pieces

Non-Alcoholic Replacement? Yes

Price + Quantity: $8, 5 pouches (1.87 ounces/53 grams)

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